Refrigeration / Air Conditioning

Refrigeration/Air Conditioning

There’s nothing worse than having a faulty fridge or air conditioning unit. The trouble is that they inevitably break down right when you need them most (usually when it’s 40 degrees outside). This is why you need to speak to Static Electrics. With highly trained refrigeration and A/C engineers at our disposal we’ll quickly respond to your needs making sure that you remain chilled, in more ways than one.


No task too big or too small

You can rest assured knowing that when you call us, we treat every single job with the same sense of urgency. Whether it’s a small bar fridge that’s finally given up the ghost, or a commercial cool room packed full of chilled goods, no job is too big or small. In addition we also carry out repairs and maintenance on split systems or ducted A/C units located in small offices or apartments through to large centres.


Emergency response

In situations such as a faulty refrigeration unit or an A/C system that just isn’t cooling down we know that for many people/businesses it’s a real emergency. As such we totally get it that you don’t want to wait until normal working hours to get the problem seen to. Instead you need it fixed, like yesterday! This is why we have refrigeration and A/C specialists on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to respond to your emergency requirements. One simple call to Static Electrics is all it takes to get the ball rolling!


Regular maintenance programs for air conditioning units

They say that prevention is better than cure and this is why we offer regular maintenance programs on A/C units contained in commercial buildings, large apartment complexes and shopping centres. Our maintenance programs are wide and varied, meaning that they can be easily adapted to suit the needs and requirements of the customer. In other words we can look to service your A/C system as little or as often as you like. For some this might be just once a year, and for others such as shopping centres and/or large apartment complexes this might be every three months or so. We let you decide.

Remember you don’t have to suffer with a refrigeration unit that’s on the blink or a non-functioning A/C system that’s sending you into melt-down. Instead, for a competitive quote call out the professionals at Static Electrics today on (07) 3359 7537.