Solar Energy

Save Money With Solar Energy

As electricity prices are going through the roof many Queenslanders are switching to solar energy as an alternative. However it might not be as simple as throwing up a few panels and plugging them in to an inverter. Instead in order to get the very best out of your solar system it needs to be designed specifically to fit your needs. In other words, one that works to optimum levels in order to maximise your personal benefits.

Here at Static Electrics we’ve been designing and fitting solar panels for many years and as such have taken the knowledge that we’ve learned and used it to apply the highest quality of control to small-scale systems. In other words we don’t cut corners. When you have a solar system installed by us, we guarantee you quality workmanship that will save you money.

We only work with the highest quality products that have been proven to work both efficiently and cost effectively, and all the electricians that we use are fully licensed with solar accreditations.

So why else would you choose Static Electrics to fit your Solar System?

tickWe work to your specifications
We have the experience and ability to be able to design a system to suit your specifications including budget, electricity usage and roof space.

tickWe tell it how it is
We won’t fudge the figures just to get a sale. When we give a figure for an expected output this is an accurate assumption based on 25 years plus of experience. We take into consideration circumstances such as roof pitch, orientation and the amount of shade your property gets in order to give you an accurate output quote.

tickWe’ll fit in with you
We understand that people don’t always have the time to come to an office to discuss their options and most feel more comfortable in the confines of their own home. For this reason we’ll come to you to give you free and impartial advice should you need it. This may include prices and time-scales for installation as well as discussing what system would work best for your needs. We won’t pressure you into making a purchase all we’ll do is to give you our contact details so you can mull over your options.

tickWe make maintenance easy
When we install your solar power we’ll also give you a detailed easy-to-follow maintenance guide so that you can keep your solar panels running at optimum capability. Alternatively we’re more than happy to undertake regular maintenance for you.

So there you have it! Why not call our friendly customer service team to arrange a free, no obligation quotation with no hidden costs. The quote that we give you is what you’ll pay! So give us a call today and see how much money you could save on your electricity bills.